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Why do you need to drink?       


    Inadequate fluid intake can cause dehydration, which leads to reduced mental alertness, dizziness, fatigue,poor kidney functioning!  


Remember: Drink on a schedule not just when feeling thirsty--- when you feel thirsty, you've already lost important fluids and electrolytes and are  dehydrated!


 Fluid Intake Requirements: minimum



                           360ml ( 1.5c) fluid per main meal


                            240ml ( 1c) each snack


 Most patients are asked to have 900ml per 8 hr. shift: from 7am to 3pm,

                                                                                                            3p to 11p


 If you don't have a snack, please have a cup of fluid during snack times ( 11a, 3:30p, 9p )

 to assure you will meet your fluid requirement. ( remember, please show your cup to staff first)


     Throughout the duration of your stay we will be monitoring your intake as well as your output.


     In certain instances your DR may determine that you require a specified amount of fluid per shift and you


    will be notified of the required amount.   



    In the dining room, please show your cups to a staff person prior to drinking fluids so that you may get credit for your intake.



                        Output standards:


Please use your hats each time you urinate, staff will be rounding each hour to empty and record the output.

when you have a bm, please come to staff right after so we can flush.

IT is most important that we keep an accurate account of your intake as well as your output during your recovery.