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Discharge Instructions: Using a Sitz Bath

A Sitz bath is used to soak your surgical area in warm water without getting your entire body wet. Soaking your surgical area with warm water is prescribed to relieve pain and swelling.  

Follow these steps to use your Sitz bath:

  • Raise the toilet seat and cover, then place the Sitz bath basin over the toilet, with the "Front" designation toward the front of the toilet bowl. Fill the basin with warm water until it is two-thirds full.  

  • Your Sitz bath comes with a bag. Insert the tubing through the front or rear entry hole in the Sitz bath basin. Snap the tubing into the channel in the basin bottom.

  • Position the clamp toward the Sitz bath bag. Make sure the clamp is closed before filling the bag.

  • Open the top of the bag and fill with warm water.  Hang the bag above the Sitz bath.

  • Test the temperature of the water on your forearm before sitting. Lower yourself to sit on the basin, so your surgical area comes into contact with the water.

  • Administer the Sitz bath for at least 10 to 15 minutes to allow for adequate blood flow to the swollen, tender area. To maintain the water temperature, add water by opening the clamp. Overflow will drain through the opening at the back of the basin into the toilet. Pat yourself dry when finished.

  • Empty, thoroughly rinse, and dry the basin after each use.

  • Repeat the Sitz bath two to three times daily.


Alternately, you can soak in a bathtub of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, two to three times a day.