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Pelvic Wellness Program


 Postural Reeducation

Improved postures for sitting, standing, and sleeping for relief of pelvic pain.


Standing Posture (ideal):                                                    

From Top to Bottom:

  • Head stacked over shoulders

  • Shoulders stacked over pelvis

  • Ribs toward midline and dropped to your pelvis

  • Slight activation of abdominal wall (Ribs toward pelvis in slight pelvic tilt)

  • Engaged buttock muscles (sitbone to sitbone in midline)

  • Softening of the knees

  • Knees and feet hip width apart

  • Arch supported by proper fitting shoeware




Pelvic Posture Standing


Sitting Posture (ideal):                                                         

  • Spine well supported 
  • Slight pelvic tilt (relax hip flexors)
  • Towel roll under sit bones
  • Block under feet to further flex hip (and further relax hip flexors)
  • Knees hip width or greater apart
  • Soft inner thigh muscles, let legs fall apart 
  • Feet flat on surface


           Pelvic Posture Sitting

Sleep Posture (ideal):                                                                      

  • Side lying with spine supported
  • Hips flexed to 90 degrees or more (for comfort and relaxation of spine)
  • Tucked pelvis to relax musculature
  • Pillow between knees (level out pelvis) 
  • Knees and ankles stacked (with pillow)
  • Pillow or towel roll above hip to neutralize curves of body

                Pelvic Posture Sleeping