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Pelvic Wellness Program


Modifications to Toileting Techniques

The basic four steps of defecation work for most people, but others require more modifications to these toileting positions.  The following conditions may require modifications to your toileting posture:

  • If you have had surgery in the past that limits your back, hip, pelvic, knee or ankle flexibility
  • Constipation
  • If you have had pelvic organ surgery


Your physical therapist may make suggestions and sitting adjustments such as the ones described below.


  • Some people find it more comfortable to completely squat while perched above the toilet on the rim of the seat
  • Some people find it easier and more comfortable to slump backward while on the toilet.
  • Some people hold their buttocks apart while sitting on the toilet. This actually stretches the muscles around the anus and the anal canal and prevents them from tightening up during emptying.


Alternate Positions for Sitting on the Toilet


1.      Some people find it more comfortable to raise their hips by putting a stool under their feet and sit more upright.




2.      Some people find it more comfortable to put a support behind their lower back.